Cembaloworks of Washington provides harpsichords that can be rented for continuo and solo performances. Rental services include transportation and setup of the instrument at the performance venue, tunings as required and breakdown and removal of the instrument from the venue. All instruments are in perfect regulation and are professionally maintained by us.

At present, we can supply both French and Flemish 18th century transposing five-octave double manual instruments. A single manual transposing Italian with 4 -1/2 octave compass is also available. A pitch level of A=392 hz. can be accommodated with two-weeks advance notice.

Rental fees are based on venue location, number of rehearsals and performances. To discuss rental fees, available dates and tuning /temperament requests please call us at the shop (301) 926-7119.

Liability regulations do not permit us to provide transportation services for owners' instruments to or from a venue where they perform.